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Melissa Fleis went from working at a retailer to becoming a designer on Project Runway to owning her own clothing line. Find out how following your... Read More
马来西亚人才外流的现象,是过去数十年以来不变的事实。成因无数,但其中一项必定是本地无法提供他们想要的工作机会。CG动画亦是面对人才流失的行业之一,专才会选择到新加坡、美国等地的企业参与大型制作。 Read More
Dasein Academy of Art
01 Sep 2020
Public universities are not only known for their affordable tuition fees, graduates from the public university will receive the same internationall... Read More
Studying Computer Science Program at IUMW offers great career opportunities across today’s technologically rich universe. Read More
International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW)
03 Mar 2022
Entering the 33rd anniversary of the establishment of the school, Oneworld Hanxin College has nurtured countless media professionals. So far, they ... Read More
Oneworld Hanxin College
Spend at day at the Pharmacy with Hamish and find out what your average day might look like if you were a Pharmacist! Read More
The talk will emphasis on the importance of Engineering and Computer Science since the global pandemic hit and what to expect as an Engineering or ... Read More
University of Southampton Malaysia
06 Aug 2021
Lawyers sometimes provide advice or their services for free; this is called "pro bono," meaning "for the public good." In many countries, if a pers... Read More
Swinburne University of Technology is a world class university that creates trans-formative learning experiences for students. Swinburne provides n... Read More
Swinburne University of Technology
27 Jan 2022
The last semester of 2021-INTAKE starts enrolling students in September! 🥳🥳 Students who sign up now can enjoy a year's miscellaneous fee reduct... Read More
Oneworld Hanxin College


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