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If you can't physically come to our amazing campus to have a tour, don't worry, we've got you covered! Read More
Claz'room College
The Myress-Briggs system is used to describe a person’s personality through the four opposing personality functions which are Extraversion vs Intro... Read More
There are so many exciting career prospects for pharmacy graduates in today's world. From academia and research to community, clinical and industri... Read More
Quest International University
读纯美术系,就只是学画画?这只是一般人的误解。达尔尚艺术学院(Dasein Academy)的纯美术系涵盖理论、技术及管理课程,确保学生全面发展,毕业后可以顺利进入多个领域发展。 Read More
Dasein Academy of Art
31 Dec 2019
With the introduction of IR 4.0 into Malaysian market, it has accelerate even faster due to Covid-19. How has IR 4.0 affect your daily life and cha... Read More
Asia Pacific University
Melissa Fleis went from working at a retailer to becoming a designer on Project Runway to owning her own clothing line. Find out how following your... Read More
马来西亚人最爱周末一家大小去购物商场逛街,感受冷气围绕、享用美食和采购日常用品。天气热,加上商场内应有尽有,让这仿佛成了大家的“例行公事”。来临的周末,不妨转换地点,过去国家艺术馆或家附近的画廊。 Read More
Dasein Academy of Art
18 Aug 2020
Wonder what makes Taylor’s so great (aside from our beautiful lake)? Join our Taylorian, Lakshman as we tour our campus grounds and explore hidden ... Read More
Taylor's University
06 Apr 2020
Our SACE International programme (formerly known as South Australian Matriculation) has received Highest Achiever Awards for 6 years in a row. But ... Read More
Taylor's College
28 Oct 2020
At MIB College, we believe in nurturing our students' passion for baking. Our Diploma in Baking Science & Technology program is the soul of what re... Read More
MIB College


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