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Get a glimpse into the life of heart surgeon, Paul Massimiano, MD, as he takes us through a day of minimally invasive heart surgery. Read More
Learn the futuristic perspective of engineering in this world and job skill set required in order to become an engineer with Asia Pacific University Read More
Asia Pacific University
21 Apr 2022
At undergraduate level, it’s possible to take a joint accounting and finance degree, in order to gain a more general knowledge of both accounting a... Read More
Ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians are all careers revolve around the eyes, but they have different levels of training and areas of exper... Read More
Melissa Fleis went from working at a retailer to becoming a designer on Project Runway to owning her own clothing line. Find out how following your... Read More
Spend at day at the Pharmacy with Hamish and find out what your average day might look like if you were a Pharmacist! Read More
李淞雯和哈莱(Harold Klemp Antony)皆是来自达尔尚艺术学院(Dasein Academy of Art)商业插画专业文凭应届毕业生。有别于其他学长学姐经历的实体毕业体验,他们完成学业时,偏偏遇上史上最大的疫情挑战,影响了他们毕业展的呈现方式,不过最终仍在新常态下转移至线上顺利... Read More
Dasein Academy of Art
15 Apr 2021
Both the Automotive Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Diploma or Degrees will provide you with a strong foundation in mechanics and the basic ... Read More
很多父母以为读美术或学艺术找不到吃,但Cloakwork(吕乐臣,Chern Loo)不仅选择了读艺术专科,甚至还把在墙壁上涂鸦作为自己的“专长”,更以此为契机开拓了自己的事业生涯。 Read More
Dasein Academy of Art
03 Apr 2019
Enjoy a walk through Taylor’s Lakeside Campus, Malaysia with Excellence Award scholars Firas & Tripta. Read More
Taylor's College
21 Jun 2021


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