University of Southampton Malaysia's New Campus

University of Southampton Malaysia is happy to announce the relocation of its new campus where YOUR dreams will be achieved. Ecstatically, UoSM is relocating to a new campus of 150,000 square feet, with the capacity of 2,000 students, in the beautiful 13.48-acre high-street mall of Eco Galleria, Eco Botanic City, which will provide an improved lifestyle for students. This new establishment is where they change the world for the better.

New Campus Facilities

The new campus with the clear skyline ceiling includes facilities that are easily accessible to students such as laboratories and design studios with 3-D printers and laser cutter machines, Aero labs and Mechanical workshops. Spacious facilities like the Wet Chemical lab, Thermofluid lab, Green Energy lab and Dry Research lab are provided to enhance practical learning together with spectacular educators of the university. The highlight of the beautiful campus is, a fully equipped digital library that stores over 200 million digital resources ready to educate students together with the beautifully designed multiple learning spaces and large lecture halls to help practice social distancing if/when needed. UoSM reminds our community that the safety and comfort of their students are one of the main priorities of the institution.

The Neighbourhood

The institution does not only focus on the education provided to students but the experience that comes together. Students get to live in comfort and style in the British inspired neighbourhood 5 minutes away, which is completed with eateries, laundrettes, games centres and sports facilities including football fields, running tracks and an olympic size pool. The surrounding amenities helps students achieve a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle which allows students to create amazing memories with the school and would ideally return as a proud alumnus. International parents wanting to visit their children would be delighted to know that the Senai International Airport is located 25 minutes away from the campus and 40 minutes away from Singapore Changi International Airport which allows them to take vacations together and enjoy the multiple beautiful blue islands of Malaysia.

The two outstanding accommodations that surrounds the institution are EcoNest and EduCity Village. Both accommodation consists of various suits and amenities that caters to the liking of individuals with affordable prices. The accommodation does not only provide top notch security but also allows students to socialise with other students at the neighbouring universities that makes the accommodation their home away from home.



UoSM Family

The university derives from top academics and educators together with administrators that caters to both local (East and West Malaysia) and international students to help nurture students into becoming future generation leaders and allowing students to appreciate first class amenities that the UK campus provides for 1/3 of the course costs. UoSM understands that times are challenging with the current pandemic, but their friendly educators have doubled their efforts in ensuring that the quality of education improves despite the lockdown. The UoSM educators are definitely excited for the move as the new campus will allow social distance/virtual learning to be made easier for students. UoSM Pro Vice-Chancellor (ASEAN) and CEO, Professor Rebecca Taylor said that the university is eager to move into Eco Galleria by September 2021, as EcoWorld is known for quality and sustainable developments, which will provide holistic educational and living experiences during their course of study. Education, in average, plays 1/3 of a role in an individual’s life and choosing the right university will give students the experience of a lifetime. Join them as they embark on a new journey to be the ‘leading university for education, research and industry engagement across Asia’. Join today and together they can make your dreams come true!
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