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What Does An Interior Designer ACTUALLY Do?

What does an interior designer really do? Almost any position begs the question "What do you do?" but, for an interior designer, it can be a little more complex!

In this video, Aida walks us through the role of an interior designer, what you should expect if you want to become an interior designer, and the differences between an interior designer and an interior decorator, or an architect! 

Video Highlights:
  • Preparing documents with specific details on aspects; elevation, ceiling, electrical plan, finishes to make clear the needs before construction
  • Study the knowledge of building code, fire safety, demising walls, fire rating, exit requirement for overall safety
  • Space planning and universal design with general accessibility and functionality of space as factors to consider; size of hallway, washrooms, emergency lighting, occupancy load et cetera
  • Material selection; morally & cosmetically pleasant but durable and practical as well 
  • Consider slip resistance of surfaces, fire rating of wall finishes, air quality and VOC of material while similarly meeting health regulations and codes
  • Factor in Green Design; indoor air quality, natural light & materials, reduce water consumption & noise levels 
  • Keen sense of design visualization skills & ability to create, imagine the space 
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