Why You Should Join Imperium International College

20 Jan 2022
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Looking for an affordable yet top-notch university with the best quality education and skill? Imperium International College may be one of the best options for you! From Accounting, Business to Hospitality, Imperium International College offers a vast range of courses which are a big step forward for your future career!  With global recognition and international affiliations, Imperium International College is now one of the most reliable and reputable universities in Malaysia.

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About Imperium International College

Imperium International College was previously known as HELP College of Art & Technology (HELP CAT). The campus is currently located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and connected via a link bridge from CHAN SOW LIN Station (LRT & future MRT). Imperium International College (IIC) has formed partnerships with a range of good overseas universities to conduct ‘3+0’ programmes, for instance, the University of London, and Anglia Ruskin University.

There are also vocational and professional programmes such as the Diploma in Culinary Arts with the outstanding Institut Paul Bocuse of France, and the accounting programmes like the Certified Accounting Technician and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants of ACCA, UK.

Imperium International College Facility - Library

Why Should You Join Imperium International College?

Imperium Study Now Pay Later Initiative  

Imperium offers financial aid which provides a 100% study loan for students who are interested in pursuing ACCA or ACCA Foundation in Accounting. The financial aid is only applicable for Malaysians and has a 7-year repayment plan that is 100% interest free throughout the course period.

Unique + Wide Selection of Courses 

Imperium offers vocational programmes such as Diplomas in Culinary Arts and Tourism. They also offer certificate programmes for Languages such as Spanish. The Spanish programme is in partnership with the official Spanish Government, the Instituto Cervantes. With many unique and promising programs, Imperium International College is definitely the cream of the crop for your tertiary studies!  

Guaranteed Education Quality

In recognition of the quality of the College’s education, the Malaysian Education Ministry rated it 5 stars (excellent) for its student quality, resources, quality management system, as well as programme of graduate recognition. The college was also awarded the Platinum Accredited Learning Partner by the internationally renowned Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in 2014. 

Imperium Interview Opportunity Programme 

Imperium offers a guaranteed interview placement opportunity with organizations related to the area of study of graduates who have met specified criteria. This is a joint initiative between Imperium International College & MAA Group Bhd which helps jumpstart the career life of their students.

Available Programs and Upcoming Intakes 

Imperium International College offers a wide selection of Certificate, Foundation, Diploma, Degree, Professional Accounting programs. 

IIC offers students the opportunity to pursue home-grown programmes (Foundation Studies in both Arts and Science, and Diplomas in Business, Accountancy, Business Information Systems, Computer Science, Hotel Management, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering)

Not only that, professional programmes such as Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and ACCA Foundation in Accounting (FIA) programmes are also a well-known course provided by IIC which has a high opportunity of a promising career.

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What Scholarships Does Imperium International College Offer?
Head over to the scholarship section to find out Imperium International College latest scholarship offers that you are eligible to apply for !

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‘Information accurate at time of writing, Jan 2022’
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