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08 Mar 2022
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With the collaboration of  Claz’room College,  Edumetry conducted a Career Webinar entitled “Insights of Creative Multimedia Industry” in March 2022. 

In this webinar, the speaker Mr Yi-Shen, from Claz’room College had shared much insightful knowledge and understanding on the Creative Multimedia program and its industry. 

The webinar can be divided into 4 parts.

1. The Field of Digital Entertainment

Multimedia is widely used in the entertainment industry. It is especially used to develop special effects in movies and video games. The immersive designs, 3D environment  and visual effects make the video games and movies more fascinating.

Disney’s animated movies like Encanto is heavily associated with Creative Multimedia

These high-end video game or visual developments have severely impacted our society and changed the way people enjoy their day through digital entertainment. This contributed a lot in the gaming industry as well as the multimedia industry which made so many trendy and interactive games for the communities. For example, Genshin Impact, Mobile Legends, Sifu and many more.

The contribution of Creative Multimedia in gaming industry
The Making of Digital Entertainment

  1. Storyboard Design
  2. Digital Film Production
  3. Modelling, Rigging, Motion capture
The making of Digital Film Production under Creative Multimedia Industry

2. The Exciting Industry

Mr Yi Shen describes that the  latest developments and trends of multimedia fundamentally change the digital entertainment world and the business industry. 

He also mentioned that this industry is heavily involved among all the international fields. Even in Malaysia,  there are actually more than 300 creative multimedia companies which offer a wide range of job opportunities for multimedia art graduates. 

In fact, there is still a lack of awareness and resources (digital artists and staff) that it takes to manage and preserve digital content. Especially with the emerging trends of games, e-sports, movies, etc., the industry is in need of digital artists who can create or improve more innovative and advanced entertainment for the communities. 

Increased numbers & involvement of creative multimedia companies in Malaysia

3. Multimedia Courses

How can Clazroom help students to be prepared for this industry?

There are 4 Types of courses offered in Claz’room College, which are:

1. 2D Illustration
  • Will be more focused on drawing techniques
  • Using imagination and creativity and make, remastering them into artwork pieces

Full training programmes at Clazroom College run for a total of two years and are divided into six semesters for each course. Each semester lasts four months, which also includes a holiday/semester break.

2. 3D animation
  • Animation making
  • Character Modelling
  • Remastering illustration into 3D modelling for games or movies
  • Environment modelling to create computer generated images or animation into a game

3. Game Design 
  • Will be focused on game graphics and engines
  • Students will get to learn how to create their game characters and landscape of a game

4. Film Production
  • More towards on real-life shooting, motion capturing
  • Students can develop the all-rounded related skills, such as: 
    • Script writing
    • Storyboarding
    • Film production
    • Video editing
    • Learning filming equipments (microphones, softwares and cameras)
    • Visual effects VFX,
    • Video/photo shooting with green screen

Students will have access to professional standard single and multi-camera facilities from the outset. Under the guidance of our experts from film and television related fields, students can gain various skills and experiences with academic experts in order to tackle a wide range of genres and professional disciplines.

Creative Multimedia Program at Claz’room College

4. Q&A Session

Question 1: What is the entry requirement to study this program?

Answer: Mr Yi Shen answered that there is no entry requirement to enter this course.
SPM, O-level and other academic results will not be the criteria.for anyone to pursue this course.  Everything will be taught practically from the base, thus, students do not need to worry about their qualification as long as you have the passion and determination!

Weekly assignments will be examined  throughout the semester to check the students’ progress. This is an efficient way for Claz’room College to excellent students. Not only that, at the end of it all, students will graduate with a portfolio of work and the experiences to make an impact from day one of the new career.

Question 2: Is pursuing a career in digital art or creative multimedia risky?

The industry is constantly evolving and becoming versatile, creative digital arts have become much more popular worldwide. Job opportunities in this industry should not be a worrying issue, even more so when you meet a certain standard in college. 

Question 3: Does Claz’room College have other campuses in other states of Malaysia?

Answer: There is only 1 Claz’room College campus, which is currently located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 

Question 4: What are the softwares do your students use for the program?

  • 2D Illustration: Zbursh photoshop
  • 3D animation modelling: Maya and Zbrush
  • Game design: unreal engine, zbrush 
  • Digital film production: Zbrush, illustrator
(Software licenses will be included in course fee)

Question 5: What is the ideal laptop system requirement for this course?

Answer: Laptops with dedicated graphic cards (gaming laptops) are recommended for this course as it is crucial in manipulating and processing an enormous number of pixels when it comes to 2D & 3D animation as well as other visual production.

Basic omputer requirements for the course:
  1. Storage: at least 500 GB or above
  2. RAM: at least 8 GB or above
  3. Processor: Core intel i5 or above

To find out more about Claz’room College and their creative multimedia program, click here for more information including programs and fees!

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Information accurate at time of writing, March 2022
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