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Course Details

Advanced Diploma of Game Design

Claz'room College
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
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Today, everybody knows what digital games are, as this industry has rapidly grown from being a niche market and has developed and successfully entered the mainstream. Asia is considered the largest geographical region that consistently creates world famous games based on game revenue, and is known as the region where game design and creation is growing the fastest.

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Course Summary


Jan, May, Sep

Course Fees (estimated)

RM 41,300

Course Duration

2 years

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Entry Requirements

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Enrollment Submission:Students are required to submit the following documents upon registration for the Full-Time Course programme:1 x Registration form (or online registration form)2 x I/C photocopy1x Photocopy of any equivalent of education certification. (SPM result is not required to enroll the programs)2 x A4 size artworks (any drawing: sketches, anime character, human portrait drawing etc)2 x Passport Size Photo

Fee Breakdown

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Enrollment FeeApplication Fees: RM 530Course Deposit (Refundable): RM 1,000Sijil Kemahiran Malaysian Exam Fee: RM 100Student Activity Fee: RM 100Course FeesYear 1 Sem 1: RM 6,200Year 1 Sem 2: RM 6,600Year 1 Sem 3: RM 6,800Year 2 Sem 4: RM 7,000Year 2 Sem 5: RM 7,200Year 2 Sem 6: RM 7,500Total Fees Payable (By Semester): RM 41,300One-time Payment: RM 39,400

Course Subjects

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Game PlanningGame EngineGame ArtGame DesignGame Character DesignGame Asset CreationSemester 1In this semester, you will learn all the basic foundation principles such as the human body structure, perspective, lighting studies, colour mood studies, fundamentals in 2D illustration & 3D Animation.This is an important period for all students in order to help them take their first step into the arts industry.Semester 2In this semester, you will be learning more about 3D assets, such as game basics and knowledge. In this period, students will explore even more types of software that are needed to make a game.Semester 3You will be learn more advanced techniques that go into creating 3D Game assets as well as game design, including foundation studies for 3D Game effects and game concept art.Semester 4In this semester, you will start to get involved in creating work of a more professional standard. You will learn and create higher level game assets, characters and game environments, that will help you create your own game.Semester 5In this semester, you will not only be involved in work of a more professional standard such as such as complete game sets, but you will also learn more useful knowledge to help further your artistic career.Semester 6The final semester could be your most challenging semester. Not only are you required to master live games assets and the overall skills in order to create a game that can be played on a tablet, but you also need to push your ability to the max, in order to build a strong portfolio for yourself. You will learn to work as a team and to create your best ideas together, to start your journey into the gaming industry!
Disclaimer: Course Information details may change from time to time. Please check with respective institutions to get updated information.
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