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SEGi High Achiever’s Scholarship (HAS)

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Tuition Fee Waiver
Applicable for
  • Malaysian Citizens, aged below 25 years old
  • High academic achievement(s)
  • Active in extracurricular activities
  • Recommendation by the school principal or headmaster would be advantageous
Scholarship Details
Merit Scholarship
PTPTN Compatible
Limited Seat
Kota Damansara, Selangor
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  • Applicant is required to meet a minimum CGPA of 3.70 every year to continue the scholarship.

Academic Achievement % of Scholarship on Tuition Fees
SPM / O-Levels
10As & above 100%
9As 75%
8As 50%
7As or 5 points 100%
6As or 7 points 75%
5As or 10 points 50%
4As or 15 points 25%
STPM / A-Levels / Foundation / Diploma / Local Matriculation
CGPA 4.00 or 4As 100%
CGPA 3.75 or 3As 75%
CGPA 3.50 or 2As 50%

  1. SPM (As include A+, A and A-) and UEC(As include A1 and A2)
  2. SPM/O-Levels – students who scored straight A’s in all registered subjects (but less than 10 subjects) may be considered for 100% scholarship on a case-by-case basis by written approval of the senior management.
  3. UEC – Total Points of 5 Best Subjects:
  • A1 = 1 point
  • A2 = 2 points
  • B3 = 3 points
  • B4 = 4 points
  • B5 = 5 points
  • B6 = 6 points
  • C7 = 7 points
Disclaimer: Scholarship and Awards Information details may change from time to time. Please check with us to get updated information.
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