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Institution Details

Oneworld Hanxin College

Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Scholarships Offered: 5
Courses Offered: 4
Counsellor Available!
Since our humble beginnings 33 years ago, Oneworld Hanxin College has been upholding people-oriented education management model to cultivate students with creativity and critical thinking. When Oneworld Hanxin began in 1988 with its establishment of Department of Communication, we keep the curriculum responsive to the changing world, and constantly improve teaching and learning facilities to benefit students.

Oneworld Hanxin College has offering Diploma in Journalism, Diploma in Broadcasting and Diploma in Media Studies. Our alumni communities are spread across the region and continue to excel within their respective position in communication industry.

Upon completion of the Diploma courses at Oneworld Hanxin College, our students are eligible to pursue Joint Bachelor’s Degrees through established partnerships with our sister universities in Mainland China and Taiwan.
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