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Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering

MAHSA University
Jenjarom, Selangor
The aim of this programme is to provide students with the comprehensive knowledge in Electrical & Electronics Engineering theory and practise. It is designed to give a broad understanding and skills essential for the Electrical & Electronics industry and hence making them industry ready. This programme is also designed to give a pathway for higher level degree courses.

MAHSA’s DEE programme is a 2.5-year programme that consists of 7 semesters. This programme is largely conducted in the MAHSA University campus with some exposure to laboratory work. The programme promotes student-centred learning, problem based learning, and hands-on training which will help the students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Upon completion of Year 1 and Year 2, the student will proceed to the industrial training / internship in their Year 2 Semester 3. The placement of students in engineering industries for a period of 12 weeks is because to undergo industrial training / internship and get exposure on the real working environment. The students will be supervised by a lecturer who will liaise with the industries. At the end of the training the students are required to submit a report while the industries are required to evaluate and report on the students’ job performance. Students are exposed to real work environment experience gain knowledge in writing report in technical works/projects. This programme not only prepares students with advanced theoretical and practical skills but also exposes them to plan and manage a project strategically. Students apply knowledge they learned from taking courses to study, analyse and address real life industry requirements. The focus will be in imparting practical and theoretical knowledge required for gainful employment in industry.

The completion of this 2.5 year programme leads to a Bachelor of Electrical & Electronics engineering degree. This programme will be accredited by the MQA/EAC. 

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Course Summary


Jan, Apr, May, Aug, Oct

Course Fees (estimated)

RM 31,575

Course Duration

2.5 years

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Pass with min. three (3) Credits including Mathematics, one (1) relevant Science/Technical/Vocational subject and pass in English

Pass with min. grade B in three (3) subjects including Mathematics, one (1) relevant Science/Technical/Vocational subject and pass in English

Pass with min. grade C in three (3) subjects including Mathematics, one (1) relevant Science/Technical/Vocational subject and pass in English

Pass with CGPA 2.0 and one (1) year related working experience or one (1) semester bridging programme

Pass Certificate in Engineering with CGPA 2.0

Recognised Malaysian qualifications or their equivalent

  • IELTS: 5.0
  • TOEFL: 500
Application Fee - RM 200
Registration Fee - RM 600
Tuition Fee- RM 29,375
Total Yearly - RM 1,400
Total Fee - RM 31,575

2020 Scholarship - RM 3,475
2020 Fees - RM 28,100
PTPTN ( BSH ) - RM 17,000
Year 1 
Semester 1
  • Technical Mathematics 1 DSM 1013
  • Engineering Science DSM 1023
  • Basics of Electrical and Electronic Engineering DEE 1013
  • Introduction to C Programming DEE 1023
  • Communicative English DEL 1013
  • Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1 MPU 2163
  • Pengajian Malaysia 2 MPU 2133

Semester 2 
  • Engineering Mechanics DEE 1033
  • Electrical Engineering Workshop DEE 1042
  • Instrumentation & Measurements DEE 1063
  • Analysis of Circuits DEE 1073
  • Creative and Critical Thinking MPU 4222
  • Technical Mathematics 2 DSM 1073

Semester 3
  • Engineering Drawing DEE 1082
  • Engineering Software Applications DEE 1092
  • Time Management MPU 2312

Year 2
Semester 1
  • Analogue & Digital Electronics DEE 2013
  • Electronic Communication DEE 2023
  • Electronics Lab DEE 2032
  • Electrical Machines and Power Systems DEE 2043
  • Control Systems Engineering DEE 2053
  • Co-curricular Project MPU 2412

Semester 2
  • Microcontroller Systems DEE 2063
  • Electrical Machines Lab DEE 2072
  • Communications & Controls Lab DEE 2082
  • Maintenance of Electrical Equipment & Systems DEE 2093
  • Power Electronics DEE 2103
  • Technical Mathematics 3 DSM 2023

Semester 3
  • Industrial Training DEE 2114

Year 3 
Semester 1
  • Programmable Logic Controller DEE 3012
  • Final Project DEE 3023
  • Engineering Health and Safety DEE 3033
  • Management for Engineers DEE 3043
  • Elective 1 DEE 3XX3
  • Elective 2 DEE 3XX3

  • Electrical Energy: Generation, Transmission & Distribution DEE 3053
  • Embedded System DEE 3063
  • Utilisation of Electrical Energy DEE 3073
Disclaimer: Course Information details may change from time to time. Please check with respective institutions to get updated information.
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