Course Details

Diploma in Electronic Engineering

First City University College
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
This practical-oriented programme is designed to train students in the principles and practices of electronic engineering.
Graduates of this programme should demonstrate the following attributes:
  • Ability to apply basic principles of mathematics and engineering sciences
  • Ability to communicate accurately and reliably by written and oral means
  • Ability to use techniques, skills and appropriate tools for engineering practices
  • Knowledge and ability to execute effectively a series of experiments, projects and other coursework with the safe use of laboratory, workshop and other equipment
  • To show good reasoning and creativity in the solutions of theoretical and practical problems
  • Able to practice good teamwork skills and to be a multi-skilled technician.

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Course Summary


Jan, Apr, May, Oct

Course Fees (estimated)

RM 25,970

Course Duration

2 Years, 6 Months

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Minimum 3Cs (including Mathematics & 1 Science subject and at least a pass in English)

Minimum 3Bs (including Mathematics & 1 Science subject and at least a pass in English)

Minimum 3Cs (including Mathematics & 1 Science subject and at least a pass in English)

Other equivalent qualifications which are recognized by the Malaysian government
Registration Fee - RM 500
Security Deposit - RM 800
MPU Subjects - RM 1,000
Tuition Fee
  • S1: RM 4,050
  • S2: RM 2,700
  • S3: RM 4,050
  • S4: RM 3,240
  • S5: -
  • S6: RM 2,970
  • S7: RM 3,240

Resource Fee- RM 300
Lab Fee - N/A
Industrial Training - RM 1,620 (S5)
Studies Duration - 2.5 years (7 semesters)
Miscellaneous Fee - N/A

Total: RM 25,970
Year 1
• Materials Science
• Basic Circuit Theory
• Communication Skills
• Programming Language
• Digital Electronics 1
• Basic Electronics
• Algebra
• Calculus
• Microcontroller Principles
• Analogue Electronics 1
• Engineering Mathematics

Year 2
• Computer Interfacing Techniques
• Microcontroller Programming and Interfacing
• Project Management
• Analogue Electronics 2
• Digital Electronics 2
• Signals and Systems
• Industrial Training

Year 3
• Basic Communication Systems
• Project
• IC Technology
• Electronic Design Automation
• Advanced Analogue and Digital Electronics
• Electronic Circuit Modelling and Simulation
*Choose TWO elective modules
Disclaimer: Course Information details may change from time to time. Please check with respective institutions to get updated information.
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