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BSc (Hons) Actuarial Science

UCSI University Kuala Lumpur
Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Actuaries are professional deal with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty. They use skills in mathematics, economic, computer science, finance, probability and statistics, and business to assess the likelihood of occurrence of certain risky events formulate policies that minimize the cost of these risks. As such, actuaries are essential to the insurance and reinsurance industry. In addition, they can be consultants to other businesses, including sponsors of pension plans; and to government agencies such as bank Negara Malaysia.

The 3-year BSc (Hons) Actuarial Science programme provides a solid grounding in mathematics, accounting, finance and statistic to integrate theories with actual experience and build a foundation for students to pursuit professional career in the financial risk management industry.
Students will be furnished with the essential leadership qualities, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, as well as entrepreneurial and managerial skills that will enable them to face the challenging yet exciting world, where risks can be turned into opportunities.

The assessment includes a combination of examinations, projects and assignments, and finally a requirement to complete a dissertation in Independent Project in the final year. Students will acquire up-to-date vocational skills that are relevant and competitive. This reflects the complex and challenging nature of the accounting, finance and business realms.

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Course Summary


Jan, May, Sept

Course Fees (estimated)

RM 66,130

Course Duration

3 years

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Academic Requirements
UCSI Foundation year
Minimum CGPA 2.0 including Mathematics
Minimum 2 principals (C) (CGPA 2.0) including Mathematics
Minimum 2 principals (E) including Mathematics
Minimum 5 credits (B6) including Mathematics
National Matriculation
Minimum CGPA of 2.0 including Mathematics
International Baccalaureate (IB)
Minimum score of 26 points in 6 subjects including Mathematics
Canadian Pre-U
Minimum average of 60% including Mathematics
Minimum average of 60% including Mathematics
Other qualifications deemed equivalent to STPM/A-Level by Malaysian Qualifications Agency
Minimum overall average of 60% including Mathematics
Diploma (Business-related)
Minimum CGPA of 2.0 Including Mathematics
Other equivalent qualifications
To be reviewed by the faculty on a case-to-case basis
English Language Requirements
  • A score of Band 5.5 in IELTS or its equivalent as stipulated by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia.
  • Applicants who have studied at least one year in a programme at an Institution of Higher Learning with minimum overall CGPA of 2.00 / average percentage of 50% where English is the medium of instruction. Applicants must produce a verification letter from the Institute of Higher Learning confirming the medium used in the delivery of the programme was in English.
 Year 1: RM 20,950
Year 2: RM 23,870
Year 3: RM 21,310

  •  ICT -  RM 200
  •  Library -  RM 200
  •  Student Activities -  RM 200

 (Minimum 9 semesters for Bachelor’s Degree) (Minimum 7 semesters for Diploma) 
Year 1
  • Calculus and Analytical Geometry
  • Statistics and its Application
  • Business Accounting
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Mathematics 1
  • Probability Theory
  • Financial Management 1
  • Microeconomics
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Macroeconomics
  • Elective 1
  • Co-Operative Placement 1

Year 2
  • Mathematics 2
  • Mathematical Statistics
  • Introduction to Stochastic Process
  • Applied Statistical Models
  • Mathematics of Interest Rate
  • Life Contingencies 1
  • Mathematics of Financial Derivatives
  • Visual Basic. Net
  • Loss Models
  • Business Communications
  • Elective 2
  • Co-Operative Placement 2

Year 3
  • Life Contingencies 2
  • Independent Project 1
  • Stochastic Calculus for Insurance and Finance
  • Elective 3
  • Independent Project 2
  • Statistical Methods for Insurance
  • Credibility Theory
  • Statistical Stimulation for Financial Modelling
  • Co-Operative Placement 3

Electives 1 & 2 
  • Fundamental of Marketing 
  • Fundamentals of Management
  •  Introduction to Internet Technologies
  •  Accounting Information System
  •  Business Modelling with Spreadsheet
  •  Business Information System
  •  Business Law
  •  Corporate Finance
  •  Numerical & Computing Method

Elective 3 
  • Actuarial Practice
  •  Investment Portfolio Management

General Courses (MPU) are compulsory for all students.
– For Malaysian students:
  1. Ethnic Relations
  2. Islamic Civilisation and Asian Civilisation
– For foreign students:
  1. Malaysian Studies
  2. Communication in Bahasa Melayu 3

All information is correct at the time of upload and UCSI University reserves the right to make amendments without prior notice.
Disclaimer: Course Information details may change from time to time. Please check with respective institutions to get updated information.
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