Frontliner Made in SEGi - My Experience in Biomedical Science

24 Mar 2022
As the new decade unfolds, biomedical science plays a vital role in the healthcare industry especially during this pandemic crisis. Edumetry is proud to present a webinar with SEGi University dedicated to the topic of biomedical science and why it is important in today’s society. The webinar “Frontliner Made in SEGi”  was presented by the SEGi University Alumni, Loshni Thanabalan. She is currently working as a genetic technologist.

In this article, we are going to explore the world of biomedical science and how biomedical science contributes to our society. 

What is Biomedical Science?

Biomedical Science is a biology and chemistry related discipline used mostly in healthcare laboratories to identify, research, monitor and treat disease. Biomedical science offers a unique insight into human life processes, as well as disease and health within the population.

Biomedical scientists are at the heart of multi-disciplinary teams in healthcare. They provide other professionals with vital scientific information, allowing them to make informed clinical decisions, ensure blood stocks are adequate at critical times, matching blood to patients, measuring chemicals to monitor patient condition, as well as diagnosing diseases through DNA research and tests like COVID-19.

Biomedical scientists are needed and involved at various stages, from discovering the outbreaks and new strains of viruses, to developing the vaccines to combat the spread of the disease and to save countless lives.

These biomedical science staff mostly work in healthcare laboratories diagnosing diseases and evaluating the effectiveness of treatment by analysing fluids and tissue samples from patients.

Experiences in Biomedical Science Industry 

According to Ms Loshni, biomedical science is a highly varied field of study that has many applications. The broadness of this discipline gives graduates many opportunities to specialise already during their studies, and thus offers many career options.

Biomedical Scientists in Genetic Lab
As a genetic technologist, Ms. Loshni works in genetics labs on various projects relating to human health, including other focuses such as forensics. Genetic technology is one of the most important factors in medical settings because of the ever-increasing emphasis on personalised medicine.

Genetic technology and biomedical research are also essential because it is the first step towards the creation of new medications and treatments that help to manage all different types of health conditions and diseases. Without this research, the prevention and cure of diseases would be practically impossible.

With adequate and modern facilities and laboratory equipment, Ms. Loshni mentioned that SEGi University prepares students to familiarise with the industrial laboratories operation to improve their understanding of professional laboratory techniques and  laboratory results analysis. Students can learn plenty of relevant skills and talents in diagnostic, analytical, managerial, and research competencies.

SEGi University also encourages students to develop strong emphasis on students’ interest to foster the development of skills for problem solving, critical thinking, and communication to shape students to become lifelong learners. 

On top of that, SEGi University offers at least 6 months industrial training in selected relevant industries. This allows students to be fully prepared for their real life industrial experiences which help in building their future careers. 

Career Opportunities in Biomedical Science Field:

  • Genetic technologist
  • Scientific officer
  • Product specialist
  • Research scientist
  • Medical underwriter
  • Forensic scientist
  • Biomedical scientist
  • Science writer

Hope this article helps you learn more about the Biomedical Science courses and industry.  If you are unsure of which courses is more suitable for you, you can discover your interest and potential with our psychometric test for free now!

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Information accurate at time of writing, March 2022
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