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12 May 2022
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In this career webinar session Edumetry and Asia Pacific University (APU) explores the topic of Psychology. The programme is designed to prepare students for a career in the psychology and mental health industry. Students learn about how psychology is evolving through an examination of behaviours and different mental health studies, as well as its impact on society in various areas. 

As modern society places more emphasis on mental health and psychological well-being, it is time for you to take up a career in Psychology - you have an opportunity to explore careers in education, social services, human resources, training & consultancy et cetera.

What Is Psychology?

Psychology is defined as the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes. Psychology looks at the person, the mind and behaviour using scientific methods.

As modern society places more emphasis on mental health and psychological well-being, it is time for you to take up a career in Psychology - you have an opportunity to explore careers in education, social services, human resources, training & consultancy etc.

Focus: The study of mind and behaviour
Service: To solve simple & complex human problems with the intention of promoting change.
Impact: Balance in psychological, mental, social well-beings

Why Study Psychology?

  • It is popular and currently high in demands
  • Wide range of career prospects
  • Psychology can help you better understand yourself & people around you
  • Growing need for mental health professionals

How Many Psychologists Do We Need In Malaysia?

The rising demand for psychologists in Malaysia

Even under normal circumstances, Malaysia needs more human resources in psychology field to meet the needs of the population

“With the effects of the pandemic, our resources are going to be further stretched particularly with regards to psychologists and counselors. ” Malaysian Mental Health Association President, Prof Datuk Dr Andrew Mohanraj

The Branches of Psychology

Abnormal Psychology
  • Abnormal psychologists focus on the origins and constructs of mental illness and look at unusual patterns of behaviors, emotions and thoughts.
  • They are involved in assessment, diagnoses and clinical treatment of mental disorders.

  • This field concentrates on the relationship between biology and behavior, especially the role that the brain and neurotransmitters play in controlling and regulating behavior.
  • Biopsychologists want to know how biological changes lead to changes in behavior.

Cognitive Psychology
  • Cognitive psychology looks at the mental processes that relate to thinking, memory and language, and makes discoveries about these processes by observing behavior.

Industrial Organizational (I/O) Psychology
  • Applies psychological theory to our workplaces and is interested in how people function best at the workplace.
  • For example, this field is particularly interested in motivation, job satisfaction and more productive employees.

Health Psychology
  • Health psychologists can help people change problematic behaviors to improve their overall health and well-being.

Educational Psychology
  • This is the scientific study of human learning.
  • Aim to find applications/strategies how to improve teaching and learning.

Developmental Psychology
  • Developmental psychologists aim to understand and explain how thoughts, feelings, and behaviours change throughout life.

  • Cyberpsychology is the study of the human mind and behavior and how the culture of technology, specifically, virtual reality, and social media affect them.
  • Mainstream research studies focus on the effect of the Internet and cyberspace on psychology.

Social Psychology
  • Social psychologists study what people think and feel and how behavior is impacted by others.
  • They look at group membership, prejudice and discrimination, attitudes and persuasion, social impacts on self-esteem and other area

Sports Psychology
  • Sports psychologists help athletes maintain high levels of performance by prioritizing mental fitness. 
  • Sport psychologists can also help athletes by enhancing their performance.
  • Various mental strategies, such as visualization, self-talk and relaxation techniques, can help athletes overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.

Possible Career Pathway In Psychology

  • Mental Healthcare
  • Social Work
  • Design
  • Business
  • Education
  • Media & Communications

Psychology Study Pathway at APU

Study Pathway to Become A Professional Psychologist with APU

Aim Of APU Psychology Programme

  • instilling a critical knowledge of the discipline
  • critically evaluate various situations and are scientific literacy
  • effective communication skills and to work independently and in groups
  • provide the skills necessary to work in local or international organisations

Uniqueness Of APU ’s Psychology Programme

  • Blend of both conventional psychology infused with technology elements
  • Solid understanding of psychology and its concepts in the contemporary environment
  • Clear apprehension of the human mind, behaviors, and different types of personalities.
  • Dual degree with De Montfort University (DMU)

Modules In Psychology

  1. Introduction to Psychology
  2. Developmental Psychology
  3. Ethics in Psychology
  4. Historical Perspectives in Psychology
  5. Social Psychology
  6. Psychological Disorders
  7. Biological Psychology
  8. Introduction to Research Methods and Qualitative Analysis
  9. Personality Psychology
  10. Cognitive Psychology
  11. Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology
  12. Counselling Principles and Philosophy
  13. Psychological Testing and Measurement
  14. Conceptual Issues and Critical Debates in Psychology
  15. Industrial and Organisational Psychology
  16. Health Psychology
  17. Cyberpsychology
  18. Educational Psychology
  19. Human Factors Psychology

Facility, Equipment & Software in APU

Psychology Centre
  • Observation Room (one-way mirror)
  • Eye Tracker
  • EEG Set
  • Ishihara's Test for color deficiency
  • Cedrus Response Pads
  • Psychological Test and Instruments
  • Counselling rooms (Individual and Group)

  • CogLab
  • Tobii Pro Lab
  • Qstate
  • Matlab

Q & A Session

How should a student choose between psychology and other areas like marketing?
Ms Wan Noraina: If you have a clear mindset in knowing what you want to pursue like marketing specifically, then you are always encouraged to go for marketing. 
On the other hand, with psychology, the career pathway is always flexible. The opportunities are wide because almost every industry or company is correlated with psychology.

How has psychology impacted your life?
Ms Wan Noraina: During the pandemic and lockdown, my children are obligated to stay home and study all the time. Because of this situation, as a psychologist, I know how to manage and minimise my problems and my children’s stress. 

Are there a lot of career opportunities in this industry?
Ms Wan Noraina: Of course, it has a lot of job openings in many different areas. Not to mention that this career is in great demand especially in Malaysia.

How To Become A Professional Psychologist?
Ms Wan Noraina: Minimum Masters Degree in a specialised field.

Must You Be A Science Stream Student to Study Psychology?
Ms Wan Noraina: No, not necessarily 

Hope this article helps you learn more about Psychology courses and its industry.  If you are unsure of which courses is more suitable for you, you can discover your interest and potential with our psychometric test for free now!

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Information accurate at time of writing, May 2022
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