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31 Jan 2022
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Are you currently residing in Perak or planning to pursue higher education in Perak? Then you definitely need to consider studying at Quest International University!

Not only for those who live in Ipoh, Quest International University is an excellent choice if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and focus on a comprehensive student life with a sense of calmness. Other than that, it is also budget-friendly for students who have the lower cost of living including accommodation fee compared with other cities in the country.

About Quest International University 

Quest International University (QIU) is a private university which is currently based in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. QIU aspires to develop outstanding alumni who positively impact their world. In addition to academic performance, QIU wants their students to be erudite communicators, creative thinkers and thought leaders with a passion for addressing social issues.

Safe and Secure Accommodation 

Quest International University provides numerous hostels in Kinta Valley for students who live a far distance away or simply because they want to experience independent life. The hostel compounds are monitored 24/7 by their security surveillance, while also possessing a security check in point for each unit, which further strengthens the security and makes tenants feel safe. There is also a free wifi for the students to indulge in for academic purposes, while also having a free shuttle service from the hostel to campus. 

Education by Experience

Quest International University isn’t here to teach, they are here to ensure learning. Their lecturers are connected to the latest advancements in their respective fields, ensuring that the education they provide are updated and relevant. Quest also possesses industry advisors and adjunct professors which include leaders of international companies like Universal Music, Samsung, Grab and others. 

Quest International University Facility - Library

Available programmes
Quest International University offers a wide range of courses which all are a big step forward for your future career. 

There are some remarkable programmes you can pursue at QIU, for instance:

Business and management 

From organisation and analysis to planning different types of business operations. This is where you will gain the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to run and manage a successful business. Regardless of whether you are in a large multinational corporation, local set up or even just a pop-up store, the skills, experience and knowledge you can learn from here will place you on the road to success.

Faculty of Business and Management at Quest International University


The school of hospitality intends to nurture students toward an exciting career in a high-growth industry. It provides a broad understanding of the operational and managerial aspects of the international hotel, culinary and tourism industry.

Accounting & Finance

The school of accounting and finance sets the stage for an in-depth understanding of related accounting and finance roles including financial accounting, assurance, taxation, corporate finance and financial management. Its curriculum is tailored to the specifications set by professional bodies such as the MIA, ACCA, CIMA, CPA (Australia), the MICPA and MFPC.

Quest english language centre

The school of English focuses on producing skillful teachers of English as a second language and raising the English proficiency levels of university and pre-university students

In collaboration with Same Skies, a non governmental agency working with refugees and asylum seekers, QIU’s Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) embarked on a programme to equip Rohingya refugees in Ipoh with basic English language skills.

The School of Postgraduate Studies 
QIU provides a stimulating environment to develop leaders who will be adept at overcoming issues confronting businesses and communities today. The candidate will develop the skills to integrate, analyse and synthesise information, conduct independent research, appraise problems, generate new insights and communicate effectively.

*Graduate Assistantships/ Graduate Research Assistantships are available for the following programmes only:
  • PhD in Business Administration;
  • Doctorate of Business Administration; and
  • Master of Business Administration (Blended and modular).
  • Master Of Business Administration (ODL)

Check out all the other programmes details at Quest International University and their course fees and upcoming intakes in 2022 on Edumetry.

What Scholarships Does Quest International University Offer?
Navigate to the scholarship section to find out about Quest International University's latest scholarship offers that you are eligible to apply for!

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‘Information accurate at time of writing, Jan 2022’
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