Dasein Graphic Design Students' Works Exhibited at Machu Picchu Museum, Peru

Eleven students from Dasein Academy of Art’s graphic design program had their works selected to exhibit at the Machu Picchu Museum, Peru recently from December 2019 to January 2020 as part of the “Posterists in the World 2019” exhibition.

 Organised by the Peruvian Design Association and the Decentralized Unit of the Cuzco Region, “Posterists in the World” international competition received 14,956 entries from 46 different countries around the world including Argentina, Belgium, China, England, India, Germany, Japan, Korea, Russia to name a few, and only 214 entries are selected to be featured at the Machu Picchu Museum in Cusco, Peru.

Graphic design students from the college Yap Qian Hui, Ding Xin Ning, Ong Mei Sam, Lim Shi Ying, Simone Yeoh Si Wen, Ng Jia Xin, Kueh Min Loong, Saw Yin Rou, Koh Jia Yi, Tan Rui Yuan and Lee Zi Hui competed under different categories including “advertising”, “social”, “typographic” and “environmental” – all of their works have been selected for the exhibition and qualified to compete for the best posters by participation categories.

The students are honoured and endorsed for their distinguished talents and abilities, their achievements also reflect the betterment and upward mobility of the college’s teaching philosophy. 

Visitors looking at the “Posterists in the World” exhibition at the Machu Picchu Museum, Peru. Source: Posterists in the World Facebook Page

“We always encourage our students to participate in competitions. It is not all about winning, rather the initiative, discipline and skills gained while preparing their works for contest submissions and professional judging are of equal importance. Winning is a bonus, which gives them a boost of confidence in their art practice and better portfolios along the way,” said Gooi Hean Chye, president of Dasein Academy of Art.

 “An art career cannot happen overnight, but that does not mean doing art gets you no job opportunities. Companies and firms need good, creative ideas all the time – a plain presentation can be made more impactful with the right design. It is a big and competitive market out there. You can pursue a great career as a professional artist if you have talent, skills and dedication.” 
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