Cybersecurity & Forensic Computing, and your future for pursuing them

What Does a Cybersecurity Degree Entail?

Students will leave a cybersecurity degree program with the ability to evaluate a computer network and the information security needs of an organization, and to assess and implement cybersecurity risk management policies. They'll learn how to measure the performance of, troubleshoot, maintain, and update, enterprise-level information security systems, and provide real-time security solutions through continuous network monitoring. Communication, especially as it relates to short- and long-term organizational cybersecurity strategies and policies, is particularly emphasized. Courses will include everything from network fundamentals to an introduction to operating system to ethical hacking to web page development, ensuring graduates have a well-rounded set of technology skills.

Computer Forensics Degree 

On the flip side, a computer forensics degree will give students experience in identifying and responding to cybersecurity breaches and network hacks that have already happened. They'll learn to do this work across a variety of technologies, from computers to mobile devices. Graduates of a B.S. in computer forensics degree program will have a deep knowledge of (and ability to interpret and apply) laws and procedures associated with identifying, acquiring, examining, and presenting digital evidence. They'll learn to conduct efficient, high-quality digital forensics investigations, through fundamental computer theory, industry trends and best practices, an understanding of white-collar crime methods, and cutting-edge digital forensics tools. Courses will have a dual focus on both law and technology, with classes in criminal law and procedure, criminal investigation, and white-collar crime complementing in-depth, computer-focused classes focusing on forensics of mobile technology, files, malware, and operating systems, and much more.

In Malaysia:
CyberSecurity Malaysia provides Cyber Crime Scene Investigation (CyberCSI) assistance to law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies, government agencies and organizations. CyberSecurity Malaysia's digital forensic experts have been granted 'expert witness' status in the field of digital forensics pursuant to Criminal Procedure Code 399 subsection 3 (f). Digital forensics, data recovery and data disposal services are also available to the public through the 1Malaysia CyberSecurity Clinic.

CyberSecurity Malaysia's Digital Forensic Lab, became the first laboratory in the Asia-Pacific region to be accredited by ASCLD / LAB in the field of 'Digital & Multimedia Evidence', based on ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and the ASCLD / LAB – International Supplemental Requirements (2011 Edition) for digital forensic laboratories. This accreditation assures clients that the collection, preservation, analysis and presentation of digital evidence at CyberSecurity Malaysia is conducted with extreme care in a laboratory that is secure and pristine as well as recognized by international bodies.

As with all computer science and most cyber security positions, there are several different specific titles which may have the same responsibilities—or extremely similar—to each other. When you begin the job hunt, carefully read every word in the job title and the responsibilities/requirements listed. Some examples of other titles include:

  • Computer Forensics Specialist
  • Computer Forensics Engineer
  • Computer Forensics Examiner
  • Computer Forensics Technician
  • Computer Forensics Investigator
  • Information Security Crime Investigator
  • Digital/Computer Crime Specialist

If you like to view tertiary programs related to this article, click here to go to the list of recommendation.  If you are not sure which path you want to pursue for your tertiary education,  you should find this psychometric test here to be helpful in providing some aptitude breakdown and course suggestions upon completion of the test. Feel free to proceed to the test, it's free after all. 
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