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IUMW Progression Reward Scholarship


RM 4,000

Pengecualian Yuran Pengajian
Kaunselor Sedia Ada!
Applicable for students who progress to a bachelor programme from IUMW’s Foundation Programme

*NOT eligible for any other scholarships, waivers or rewards
Butiran Biasiswa
Biasiswa Progression
Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur
Bachelor Programme

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General Terms & Conditions:
Note: Information given here is intended as a guide only. While we try our best to ensure the information is correct at the time of print, IUMW cannot be held responsible for changes/ amendments to the information provided in this guide. The University reserves the right to change the contents without prior notice.

  1. All scholarships, waivers and awards offered by IUMW to any student are at the absolute discretion of IUMW.
  2. All scholarships, bursaries and discounts offered by IUMW are subject to the terms and conditions stipulated in this booklet.
  3. IUMW reserves the right to decide on the number of scholarships to be awarded.
  4. Applicants are entitled to only ONE (1) scholarship/ waiver/ award at any one time (unless stated otherwise). The one with the highest quantum will automatically apply.
  5. The scholarships, waivers and awards awarded are not exchangeable for cash or any other alternatives.
  6. The scholarships, waivers and awards awarded exclude other fees and charges such as application, registration, admission, resource, assessment and franchise fees to partner universities (where applicable), all of which must be borne by the successful applicants.
  7. Scholarship offered is valid only for the original duration of the programme offered and strictly cannot be transferred to any other programmes at IUMW.
  8. All scholarships, bursaries and discounts are not applicable for English Language programmes, part-time programmes, Open Distance Learning programmes and short courses which are less than one year of duration.
  9. Scholarship recipients are required to meet a minimum CGPA set by the scholarship committee at the end of each academic year in order to enjoy the scholarship in the subsequent years (where relevant). Failure to meet the academic requirements may result in the scholarship being terminated.
  10. Where applicable, scholarship recipients will be required to sign an agreement accepting the terms and conditions of the scholarship.
  11. Scholarship recipients who fail to comply with all the terms and conditions of the scholarship will be required to pay back 100% of the total scholarship amount disbursed to him/ her by IUMW.
  12. All scholarship recipients are required to undergo a Scholars Development Programme of 50 hours per semester during the duration of their scholarship, which includes working with different departments within IUMW for enhanced exposures, acting as an Ambassador of the IUMW at various events, attending leadership development programmes etc, in order to continue their scholarship in subsequent year(s).
  13. All scholarships and bursaries are applicable for studies at IUMW in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia only and are not applicable for the period of study at overseas partner universities (Where applicable).
  14. IUMW reserves the right to reject incomplete or late application forms.
  15. Any appeal request pertaining to IUMW scholarships, waivers and awards may be reviewed and IUMW’s decision will be final.
  16. Students must complete the programme to be entitled for the scholarship and bursaries offered.
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