Route to Local Public Institution

Reasons to Consider Public Universities

Receiving the same qualification as overseas
If you are planning to study a Bachelor degree locally, most degrees offered in local schools are designed and assessed to meet the standards of high-ranking overseas universities. You can even graduate with the same certificate as those who have studied overseas.

Affordable Tuition Fees
You can obtain a good degree of international recognition at an affordable tuition fee! In addition to paying lower fees compared to going overseas, we can also advise you on scholarships offered to students.

The Four Typical Ways to Get Into Local Public Universities

  • SPM > STPM / Form 6 > Degree at public universities
  • SPM > Malaysia Matriculation > Degree at public universities
  • SPM > Diploma at public universities > Degree at public universities
  • SPM > Polytechnic > Degree at public universities

STPM / Form 6
This is the most popular option as the majority of undergraduates at local public universities are former form 6 / STPM students. Students will be offered form six automatically (without the need to apply) when their SPM results meet the sixth form minimum requirements. Also specified in the offer letter is the stream (either Arts or Science) offered.

  • What are the entry requirements?
    For SPM leavers, you have to pass Bahasa Melayu in SPM. SPM(U) results can be accepted. If you wish to pursue Art Stream, you must obtain credits in any THREE subjects in SPM with grade value not exceeding 12. If you wish to pursue Science Stream, you must obtain credits in any THREE subjects in SPM with grade value not exceeding 18.

  • SPM Grading System:

For instance, you might need to take STPM Physics if you plan to do an engineering degree later. Choosing the wrong subject or stream might lead you to unnecessary surprises and regret when you apply for a placement at local public university.

STPM / Form 6 is way more affordable compared to other pre-university programmes like A-Levels and other foundation programmes at private education institutions. Also, it is the best option for those who are still undecided about their fields of interest or ambitions.

Malaysia Matriculation (Program Matrikulasi)
Matriculation is the most famous option among bumiputera as it is a one-year programme (hence Matriculation students get into university one year faster compared to STPM / Form 6) and students get monthly allowances on top of very cheap fees. Currently, there are 12 Matriculation Colleges (Kolej Matrikulasi) in different states in Malaysia.

Government imposes quota for non-bumiputera to get into Matriculation. As result, it is highly competitive among non-bumiputera and non-bumiputera who score good results in SPM and are from rural area (luar-bandar) stand a higher chance to be shortlisted.

Diploma at public universities
Some local public universities offer diploma courses to SPM result holders. However, the choices of diploma courses are limited. The duration of diploma is longer compared to form six / STPM but those from the diploma can skip to year two of degree programme when accepted. So at the end of the day, those taking form six / STPM and those choosing diploma will graduate in the same year for the same degree course if they took SPM in the same year.

The main benefit of taking diploma is students start learning knowledge and skills in their specific fields as the diploma courses are very specific. Do take note that once graduated from diploma, students need to compete with STPM / form 6 results holder and other applicants to get a placement in their desired degree course.

Vocational Programmes at Polytechnics (Kolej Politeknik)
There are currently 24 polytechnic colleges and institutes in Malaysia, which focus on skill trainings and working knowledge. Polytechnic students get allowances on top of very affordable fees. Those graduated from polytechnic can choose to work or to further their studies at degree level at local public university.

Further information can be found on the government university official portals. The best person to consult about route to public university will be your public school counsellors, they will have the expertise to guide you through.

If you are not sure which path you want to pursue for your tertiary education,  you should find this psychometric test here to be helpful in providing some aptitude breakdown and course suggestions upon completion of the test. Feel free to proceed to the test, it's free after all. 

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