Myress-Briggs 16 Personality System Explained!


The Myress-Briggs system, as known as MBTI, was developed in the 1960s by Isabel Briggs Myress and her mother, Katherine Briggs. This system is used to describe a person’s personality through the four opposing personality functions which are Extraversion vs Introversion, Sensing vs Intuition, Thinking vs Feeling and Judging vs Perceiving.  

 The benefits of this personality test system helps provide a lot of insight into your personality. Learning about your personal MBTI also helps us recognize our own strengths as well as understanding the strengths of others.    


Extraversion vs Introversion

The Extraversion vs Introversion category describes how people respond and interact with the world around them. This includes how people gain energy depending on their surroundings.

 People who fall in the Extraversion side are known to be more outward- turning and are more action - oriented people. They typically feel energized after spending time with other people and would enjoy frequent social interaction.

 On the other hand, people on the introversion side are more inward - turning and thought - oriented. They usually like spending time alone where they would feel recharged. Introverts also enjoy deep and meaningful social interactions when they spend time with others.

Sensing vs Intuition   

The second pair of Psychological Preferences is Sensing vs Intuition. This section looks at how people tend to gather information from the world around them.

 People with sensing usually pay a great deal of attention to reality. Unlike intuition people, they tend to focus more on facts and details in which they can learn more from their own senses. Sensing people also enjoy getting hands-on experience. If you are in the sensing category, you would like to see the practical use of things and would learn best when you see how to use what you're learning.

 Subsequently, people that fall in the intuition category usually pay more attention towards things such as patterns and impressions. They also keep themselves busy by imagining the future with abstract theories. Intuition people also spend time thinking about possibilities that can happen in the near future.

Thinking vs Feeling

 The Thinker vs Feeling Psychological pairing talks about the difference of how people make decisions that are taken from their Sensing and Intuitive functions. 

 People who fall in the thinking section would typically place a greater emphasis on fact and objective data. They tend to be consistent, logical and impersonal when weighing a decision. If you are a Thinker, you would like to find the basic truth or the principle to apply in any situation when it comes to making decisions. 
 On the other hand, people who have Feeling would be more likely to consider people and emotions while making a decision. They are usually concerned with  values and what is best for the people that are involved in the situation. If you are in the Feeling category, you would like to do anything that will maintain harmony.

Judging vs Perceiving 

The last pair of Judging vs Perceiving describes how people tend to deal with the outside world. Apart from that, it also shows how we live our lives on a day to day basis.

 People who are in the judging category tend to prefer structure and firm decisions.This could come in the form of organizing schedules in advance, making a list on what to do and bringing a closure towards an issue before moving on. 

 On the other hand, people who are perceiving are known to be more open, flexible and adaptable. This would come in the form of being more spontaneous in decision making. Perceivers are also known to usually like going with the flow whereby no fixed plan would come till the time they are actually doing it.

If you are finishing high school and are not sure which path you want to pursue for your tertiary education,  you should find this psychometric test here to be helpful in providing some aptitude breakdown and course suggestions upon completion of the test. Feel free to proceed to the test, it's free after all!
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