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28 Apr 2022
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With IR4.0 taking place and the pandemic crisis upon us, It is vital to know and understand more about e-Business. In this webinar, Edumetry and the speaker from Asia Pacific University, Dr. Turner and Ms. Wong had shared the pathway to a successful e-Business career with a leading technology edge.

Why study business? Is a degree in business right for you?

A business programme infused by digital technologies that empowers graduates to lead and
execute the digital transformation in business.

To nurture business executives / leaders who have digital mindset and are able to apply digital technologies in various functional units of the business.

Future proofing skills

According to the Future Jobs Survey, 2020:
Problem solving, innovative and critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence, people management and social influence are all considered the ‘demanded skills’ by today’s employers (World Economic Forum, 2020)

Digital Transformation in Business

Skills required in e-Business Industry

  • managing change
  • business
  • strategy
  • applied research
  • resource
  • planning
  • analytics

Programme Highlights

  • Offers e-Business and Digital Leadership Specialism and micro-credentials to add value to the degree.
  • IR 4.0 oriented  courses  infused with IT management knowledge and skills.
  • Industry collaboration provides students with real world experience and skillset.
  • Multicultural learning environment provides students with a global experience and connection.
  • Learning beyond the classroom, and high achievements in various competitions.

Business Management With A Technology Edge

The importance of technology in business cannot be understated. Companies all around the world are heavily relying on emerging technologies to help improve their competitive advantage and drive strategy, transformation and growth.

  • Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
  • Enterprise Resource Planning with SAP Platform
  • E-Business Management
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • E-Commerce
  • E-Business Procurement
  • Enabling Technologies for Digital
  • Marketing

Intercultural Passport Virtual Module

  • Intercultural Awareness and Cultural Diversity (IACD) MOOC
  • A virtual module introduced into the APU curriculum
  • Available as a stand-alone module 
  • Offers a combination of self-reporting and digital portfolio assessment
  • Digital storytelling

Complimenting the technology edge in business industry

Digital Business Career Prospects

  • Technopreneur
  • Digital Lead
  • Business IT Analyst
  • Digital Transformation Consultant
  • Digital Technology Consultant
  • Digital Strategist

Business Career Prospects

  • Entrepreneur
  • Project Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Consultant
  • Operations Manager
  • Sales and Marketing Manager

6 Skills To Succeed In The Post-Coronavirus World

  • Self-direction
  • Adaptability
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Motivational Skill
  • Empathy
  • Digital Capabilities


Are there any business specialisations in the sustainability courses available?
Mr. Turner: Yes, we are thinking of developing a green and sustainable supply chain. It is particularly important as it does not only help in customer experience, it also ties in with customer-centric, marketing, digital transformation. Do note that there has to be another end to cover for sustainability so the existence of a supply chain is essential.

Are Micro-Credential courses only open for APU students?
Mr. Turner: Micro-Credentials are open for anybody, including APU students and non-APU students. This programme offers a way for learners to sharpen their competency to obtain a new series of skills and for future careers.

Why is university life important for everyone?
Mr. Turner: It is undoubtedly true that we get to learn, network and have fun as an individual. Especially in the field of business, networking and studiousness are very useful to your future careers and social circle. 

Hope this article helps you learn more about Business courses and the industry.  If you are unsure of which courses is more suitable for you, you can discover your interest and potential with our psychometric test for free now!

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Information accurate at time of writing, April 2022
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