Spend a day doing taste tests with Ashleigh and find out what an average day might look like if you were a Food Technologist! Read More
很多人对于动画或艺术仍存有刻板印象,甚至有些父母听到孩子说要往这方面发展都极力反对,认为没有前途,养活不了自己!吉隆坡达尔尚艺术学院 Read More
Dasein Academy of Art
08 Apr 2019
读纯美术系,就只是学画画?这只是一般人的误解。达尔尚艺术学院(Dasein Academy)的纯美术系涵盖理论、技术及管理课程,确保学生全面发展,毕业后可以顺利进入多个领域发展。 Read More
Dasein Academy of Art
31 Dec 2019
Our Graduates Our Pride Read More
JMC Academy aims to create qualified professionals in the entertainment technology industry. It was the first private college in Australia to recei... Read More
JMC Academy Sydney
24 Jan 2022
Studying a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Film, Photography & Media will help you specialize in one of the popular visual arts of the present. Yo... Read More
Welcome to the University of Southampton Malaysia! Read More
University of Southampton Malaysia
As part of ConnectEd's "Day in the Life" series, Scott Chernis reflects on the freedom and artistic expression that accompany his job as a freelanc... Read More
Young Aces Technical College is a Malaysia leading automotive college in Kuala Lumpur approved by The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) from th... Read More
Young Aces Technical College
Do you prefer a smaller classroom and smaller community to study with? If yes, IUMW may be the perfect choice for your tertiary/ postgrad educatio... Read More
International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW)
27 Apr 2022


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