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Thought about studying abroad? Check out what some Malaysian students have to say about their concerns and how they overcame them. Read More
University of Southampton Malaysia
UoSM is relocating to a new campus of 150,000 square feet, with the capacity of 2,000 students, in the beautiful 13.48-acre high-street mall of Eco... Read More
University of Southampton Malaysia
Once a Taylorian, always a Taylorian. We’re not just book smart; we study hard, we play harder, we live, we learn, we make new memories. Read More
Taylor's University
24 Jan 2019
Explore psychology-related careers in education, social services, human resources, training & consultancy etc with Asia Pacific University. Read More
Asia Pacific University
12 May 2022
Kim G. is a dietitian who provides individuals with delicious recipes and healthy choices to help them sustain a happy, healthy life! Read More
A career in cosmetology may be fun, financially rewarding, and personally fulfilling. An individual who is trained to develop the right skill set f... Read More
The last semester of 2021-INTAKE starts enrolling students in September! 🥳🥳 Students who sign up now can enjoy a year's miscellaneous fee reduct... Read More
Oneworld Hanxin College
A career in the medical field is always a safe way to go. It’s a recession proof career that is fulfilling as you help patients in need. Two great ... Read More
很多人对于动画或艺术仍存有刻板印象,甚至有些父母听到孩子说要往这方面发展都极力反对,认为没有前途,养活不了自己!吉隆坡达尔尚艺术学院 Read More
Dasein Academy of Art
08 Apr 2019
Real Estate plays a critical role in our local economic growth and GDP. Find out why real estate is vital in today’s age from our webinar with IUM... Read More
International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW)
15 Mar 2022


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